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Occupational Therapy

Occupational TherapyOccupational Therapy

     The Occupational Therapy Department of the Rehabilitation Center "Kentavros" provides its services from the very first moment of the patients’ hospitalization, for those experiencing neurological disorders, musculoskeletal problems, chronic diseases, etc.

     Initially, referral is made by the physiatrist, and then with his/her co-operation, the occupational therapist evaluates the patient and designs a personalized intervention program.

     The aim of occupational therapy is to develop and improve the skills and fine mobility of the upper limbs, as well as to train the patient on daily activities, which aim to help him/her and his/her family considerably in order to  have quality of life. The expectation of patients at the end of occupational therapy course is the sensory fulfillment, so that they can live independently and functionally.

     The ergotherapy program recommended by the Center includes the re-training of the patient in everyday activities such as clothing, feeding, personal hygiene, household, transportation to and from the toilet on a special wheelchair, etc.

     The area of occupational therapy is a well-designed space for the patient personal kinetic needs (ramps, floor without carpets etc.), simulating a homelike space of living.

     In addition, there is a special area for improving the cognitive stimuli of the patient. By means of a special remote control, the patient performs certain exercises in the form of a computer game, where he can adjust the level of intensity and difficulty by himself/herself, thus giving him/her the incentive to have the best control over movement. Finally, these exercises aim to improve the cognitive and perceptual functions such as memory, attention, orientation, the ability to follow orders, crisis, concentration, problem solving, and so on.